Garmin Cluj is a competence center for software development within Garmin International, located in a new office near Cluj-Napoca city center, Transylvania. It develops and tests software products for active and successful people. The teams contribute to the design and development of superior products in highly specialized technological areas for aviation, marine, automotive, fitness, outdoor.

Alpin Expe mountain store – outdoor clothing and footwear, equipment for camping, trekking and mountain sports.

OGSO SKI are a combination of modern ski expertise and innovative digital engineering, to a new generation mountaineering ski, ”the versatile ski”.

OGSO’s achievement is the creation of an ALL-IN-ONE ski with extensive versatility, a ski that allows to be effective in all snow types: powder, crud, crust, slush, choppy, tracked, concrete, packed, ice and in each mode: fast, slow, steep, bumpy, or flat.

Elf`st marketing & investment delivers Business Process Management solutions for the following sectors: sports, gaming, real estate, retail, heavy industries, media & entertainment, health & care, renewable energy, software development, luxury products & services.