Project Description

Mount Denali, Alaska, USA

I always thought that Alaska is one of those objectives that you have to have on your list of “must see places” especially if you are a mountaineer, geographer, traveller or if you simply love wild nature.

In May, this year, I have been able to accomplish this dream by joining a team of climbers from Alpine Style Expeditions for an expedition to climb Mount Denali. This massive North American mountain is very popular among many climbers and especialy for those interested in the “7 summits” project. But my goal was not to tick this summit from a list but to discover the place, to have a first contact with the High Alaskan Range and to see how my body adapts to climbing inĀ cold conditions in such a wild and distant place.

The feeling of being in these mountains and among such a vast area of wilderness is to be really tiny and helpless against mother nature’s will. During our climb we came across some really unstable weather, with precipitation and high winds high on the mountain, almost every day. We were unable to find the perfect day for the summit bid during our short stay on the mountain but even so, our efforts were rewarded with the unique experience of climbing this area.

Denali is just the highest mountain and the most massive in the range but around it there are many interesting summits and routes waiting to be climbed and some of them are among my plans for the future visits to Alaska.