Project Description

Any passionate mountain climber or alpinist develops their passion in a certain way. Every activity, climb or expedition adds to one’s personal experience in the outdoors and contributes to opening new perspectives on what one is capable of climbing next. By setting a distant goal, we allow ourselves time to set an ideal path to that aim and to focus on every intermediate objectives on the way.

Climbing in Yosemite, then moving South to Patagonia and then to the distant Himalayas, is more than a mountain project for me, it’s a path towards one of my personal goals: to be able to climb hard technical climbs in some of the most beautiful, challenging and remote places on earth. For this I have set 3 main stages, each of them representing personal challenges and personal performances, activities supposed to test myself and push me out of my comfort zone.

Yosemite Valley in the United States is probably one of the most known rock climbing destinations on earth, and has some of the biggest compact rock walls on the planet. Climbing the big wall routes on El Capitan or Half Dome is tough and doing it in good style it’s a mastery of the big wall climbing techniques… a perfect step towards this type of climb in bigger mountain ranges. The Yosemite Valley project in 2016 was powered by Garmin Cluj. Follow my blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the trip updates.