Climbing the big classic alpine faces – Eiger North Face

The Heckmair Route – The North Face of the Eiger  The rain was pouring down in Chamonix when we returned from the Grandes Jorasses climb. We were tired, with our feet soaked wet but felt happy. We really enjoyed drinking a beer in the middle of the rain in front of Maison de la Montagne. The next 3 days we hanged around the valley, we met with our friends, slacklined, ate pizza and enjoyed more beer. Another good weather window was approaching and we started making plans again for another climb. Too many possibilities for interesting climbs or just too [...]

Climbing the big classic alpine faces – Eiger North Face2020-06-28T15:03:55+00:00

Climbing the big classic alpine faces – Croz Spur Grandes Jorasses

The Croz Spur on The North Face of Grandes Jorasses This spring I managed to take another step forward in my project called "Alpine Adventures" and returned to Chamonix with the goal in mind to climb bigger routes than I usually climb in the area and something more attractive and challenging. I partnered up again with Alex Prigoana who has already become the most constant and like-minded climbing partner for "scarry, bold and unplanned style" climbing. I am pretty sure we both had the same main climbing objective in mind but neither of us would have said it out loud, [...]

Climbing the big classic alpine faces – Croz Spur Grandes Jorasses2020-06-28T15:03:55+00:00

Mihnea Prundeanu. Alpinist. Geographer. IFMGA Mountain Guide.

I love the mountains and the sports. I also love to travel, to discover the beauty of nature, to meet new people and learn about different cultures. My semi-nomadic lifestyle revolves around my family and my two passions: alpinism and geography, that have blended so well together. I believe that authentic alpinism means exploration, discovery of new ways of getting to the top, minimalist, fast and clean ascents and these are the values I try to reflect in my personal projects.

Mihnea Prundeanu. IFMGA Guiding with Alpine Tours.

My passion for the mountains started when I was a child when I would often make small excursions around the city or go camping with the scouts. Since then I visited or guided expeditions in the Alps, Himalayas, Andes and other remote areas. When I am not involved in personal projects I enjoy sharing my passion for the mountains with those wishing to discover it. To get in touch, you can write at

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