Project Description

Wherever I plan to climb next, on a mountain in a remote place, at high altitude, or at the end of the world, I still spend most of my time climbing on the “old continent”, in the Alps. These mountains are actually the birthplace of all alpine disciplines, of both my passion and my profession. Most of the pages in the history of alpinism were written here, through first ascents, heroic feats, and development of climbing styles.

Climbing an iconic, classic or beautiful route doesn’t only mean climbing the mountain but also discovering a part of the climbing culture, of the local ethics, of the level and climbing styles… it greatly enriches your experience.

Alps’ Classic and Famous is a project that actually continues some of the climbs I have done in the past (see below), a search and discovery for other challenges. Choosing them will not be based on the actual difficulty of the climb but more on its aesthetics, style and fame. The project will probably not find it’s end soon, and I hope it will represent a nice collection of routes, that will grow year by year.

To start with, here are a few ascents that I have already done in the past and can’t really be outside of this list 🙂

  • 2015

The North Face of the Eiger (Heckmair)

The Croz Pillar on Grands Jorasses North Face

  • 2016

The Supercouloir on East face of Mont Blanc du Tacul

The North Face of Cima Grande (Hasse Brandler)

  • 2017

Aiguilles du Diable traverse on Mont Blanc du Tacul

  • 2018

Frendo Spur on Aiguille du Midi North Face