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Chobutse – attempt on the North East Face

For my first experience in Nepal and for Kyriakos - my climbing partner's first time in the Himalaya, the time spent among local people in such a remote mountain village was quite an interesting experience. The blend between the culture, the spirituality of the place and the climbing experience makes Rolwaling such an attractive destination for us. Rolwaling Valley, Nepal Na Village, Rolwaling Valley, Nepal 12th of February - I double click on "Nepal" folder in my laptop, then open again the Rolwaling subfolder and scroll through a [...]

Chobutse – attempt on the North East Face2020-06-28T15:03:53+00:00

Walker Spur, North Face of Grandes Jorasses

[EN/RO]Walker Spur (ED1, 6a, IV, 90°, 1200m). The hunt for a new classic and famous climb (Alps' Classic & Famous) started off surprisingly well. Is there an alpinist not wishing to climb the Walker Spur in Grandes Jorasses once in a lifetime? Since 2015 when I climbed the Croz Spur together with Alex Prigoană I wanted to return as soon as possible to the North Face of Grandes Jorasses because I especially enjoyed the atmosphere, the size of the wall and the climbing here. I did not start with a clear objective to climb a certain route, but I [...]

Walker Spur, North Face of Grandes Jorasses2020-06-28T15:03:53+00:00

Discovering Taghia.Climbing in an arid paradise (part2)

Preparing the climb for this project was a challenging task. By climbing this route on Mount Oujdad (Baraka-680 m, 7b), Claudiu and Jaggi wanted to inspire young people with disabilities to overcome their predicament. Claudiu is a former Balkanic champion at bouldering, a very strong climber and very sport oriented person. Unfortunately he got ill with chronic rheumatoid arthritis and he had to stop his competition climbing career. His joints are still affected and can not support hard, long or sustained climbing. Jaggi is a lawyer from Delhi, India and we became friends at the Climbathon a year before. He [...]

Discovering Taghia.Climbing in an arid paradise (part2)2020-06-28T15:03:56+00:00

Climbathon. Bara Shigri Glacier

It was July and the town was no longer the place where I wanted to spend my time. My legs were hurting from walking too much on the hot asphalt and my mind was busy for too long to find ways of financing my two big expedition projects at the same time. I needed to escape, to cool down my mind and to let my body enjoy some mountain climbing. And then, Cosmin Andron let me know that we were invited to participate as instructors to "Climbathon 2013" in the Indian Himalaya. It was a sort of expedition and training [...]

Climbathon. Bara Shigri Glacier2020-06-28T15:03:57+00:00

Mihnea Prundeanu. Alpinist. Geographer. IFMGA Mountain Guide.

I love the mountains and the sports. I also love to travel, to discover the beauty of nature, to meet new people and learn about different cultures. My semi-nomadic lifestyle revolves around my family and my two passions: alpinism and geography, that have blended so well together. I believe that authentic alpinism means exploration, discovery of new ways of getting to the top, minimalist, fast and clean ascents and these are the values I try to reflect in my personal projects.

Mihnea Prundeanu. IFMGA Guiding with Alpine Tours.

My passion for the mountains started when I was a child when I would often make small excursions around the city or go camping with the scouts. Since then I visited or guided expeditions in the Alps, Himalayas, Andes and other remote areas. When I am not involved in personal projects I enjoy sharing my passion for the mountains with those wishing to discover it. To get in touch, you can write at mihnea@mihneaprundeanu.com.

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