Looking for the winter

Winter was about to settle in the Carpathians and I was keen to taste some climbing somewhere close to home. The weather forecast wasn`t very promissing so we chose the Retezat Mountains where I knew we could try some climbing routes regardless the weather. We were a little disappointed to see there was no snow lower in the valley. There was no snow in the forest either, so we enjoyed an approach along the Pietrele Valley filled with lots of green grass and wet boulders. Higher up we noticed the grey clouds covering the peaks and we saw that winter [...]

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Discovering Taghia.Climbing in an arid paradise (part2)

Preparing the climb for this project was a challenging task. By climbing this route on Mount Oujdad (Baraka-680 m, 7b), Claudiu and Jaggi wanted to inspire young people with disabilities to overcome their predicament. Claudiu is a former Balkanic champion at bouldering, a very strong climber and very sport oriented person. Unfortunately he got ill with chronic rheumatoid arthritis and he had to stop his competition climbing career. His joints are still affected and can not support hard, long or sustained climbing. Jaggi is a lawyer from Delhi, India and we became friends at the Climbathon a year before. He [...]

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Discovering Taghia. Climbing in an arid paradise

On September 1st I flew to Marrakech to join the rest of the "Climb Again" project team. Along with Cosmin Andron, Claudiu Miu, Hargur Jaggi and Nora Dorian I was up for this interesting adventure meant to prove that anybody passionate and motivated enough can climb. I had heard a lot of nice stories about the town of Marrakech and indeed, I really liked the atmosphere, the culture and the people. Exhibiting a strong influence of the western culture - shopping malls, McDonalds, fancy cars - and thousands of tourists on the streets, it was the old town of Marrakech that [...]

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Mary Poppins | Mont Blanc Massif

Mary Poppins - North face of Aiguille du Midi (Col du Plan) - 700 m, TD+, 5 Beeing back in Chamonix after a short climb of Mont Blanc with my girlfriend, I was waiting for good weather and suitable conditions for some rock routes. But this summer season was quite unusual with strong winds up on the mountains, cold temperatures and fresh snow on the faces. Cosmin Andron and Cristina Pogacean had climbed a few days earlier the Frendo Spur in serious winter conditions and other climbers were saying there was good ice on the north face of Grand Jorasse. Having [...]

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The Lizard

Cheile Bicazului, The Lizard 280m, 7 lc, 7+ impus și A1 (pentru noi) In 20 iulie am parcurs in echipa Alex Prigoana - Mihnea Prundeanu traseul 'The Lizard” in Piatra Bardosului (Cheile Bicazului), singura linie de spituri din acest perete cu multa istorie pentru alpinismul romanesc. Traseul masoara 280m, are 7 lc, 7+ impus si A1 (pentru noi). Ca nota generala, este un traseu bine asigurat dar cu unele probleme, cea mai importanta fiind pericolul constant de a da pietre jos peste spectatori sau peste tarabe (in special in lungimea 6). Doua lungimi sunt comune cu traseul Armata iar una [...]

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Mihnea Prundeanu. Alpinist. Geographer. IFMGA Mountain Guide.

I love the mountains and the sports. I also love to travel, to discover the beauty of nature, to meet new people and learn about different cultures. My semi-nomadic lifestyle revolves around my family and my two passions: alpinism and geography, that have blended so well together. I believe that authentic alpinism means exploration, discovery of new ways of getting to the top, minimalist, fast and clean ascents and these are the values I try to reflect in my personal projects.

Mihnea Prundeanu. IFMGA Guiding with Alpine Tours.

My passion for the mountains started when I was a child when I would often make small excursions around the city or go camping with the scouts. Since then I visited or guided expeditions in the Alps, Himalayas, Andes and other remote areas. When I am not involved in personal projects I enjoy sharing my passion for the mountains with those wishing to discover it. To get in touch, you can write at mihnea@mihneaprundeanu.com.

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