Mihnea Prundeanu. Alpinist. Geographer. Mountain Guide.

I love the mountains and the sports. I also love to travel, to discover the beauty of nature, to meet new people and learn about different cultures. My semi-nomadic lifestyle revolves around my family and my two passions: alpinism and geography, that have blended so well together. I believe that authentic alpinism means exploration, discovery of new ways of getting to the top, minimalist, fast and clean ascents and these are the values I try to reflect in my personal projects.

Mihnea Prundeanu. Guiding with Alpine Tours.

My passion for the mountains started when I was a child when I would often make small excursions around the city or go camping with the scouts. Since then I visited or guided expeditions in the Himalayas, Cordillera Blanca and other remote areas. When I am not involved in personal projects I enjoy sharing my passion for the mountains with those wishing to discover it. To get in touch, you can write at mihnea@mihneaprundeanu.com.

Climbing the big classic alpine faces – Croz Spur Grandes Jorasses

The Croz Spur on The North Face of Grandes Jorasses This spring I managed to take another step forward in my project called "Alpine Adventures" and returned to Chamonix with the goal in mind to [...]

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Gastein Ice

I have been planning for a couple of years a short return in the winter season in the Austrian Alps. As this is a favourite destination for my skier friends, I wanted to look for [...]

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Cuxi Memorial Weekend

In the photo: Cuxi (Alexandru Brăduț Ștefan) on his solo ascent of Matterhorn on August 12, 1982. I recently returned from the Retezat Mountains where I was grateful to attend as I traditionally do, year by [...]

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TOPO – Peretele Caltun-Lespezi

Pentru că am fost recent în zona Călțunului (vezi aici) dar și pentru că am devenit curios de istoria mai recentă a ascensiunilor acestui perete am considerat utilă inițiativa de a începe realizarea unui topo [...]

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Alpiniști clujeni hoinărind prin Mont-Blanc

Dragi prieteni, Clubul Alpin Universitar Cluj vă invită marți 03 februarie 2015 începând cu orele 20:00 la Casa Tiff, strada Universității nr.6 să urmăriți o compilație de prezentări foto și video despre trasee parcurse de [...]

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BPTL – Peretele Călțunului

Când nu apuci să îți faci un plan bun de weekend din timp și lași totul pe "ultima sută" sunt șanse mari să nu faci mare lucru. Dar, se mai întâmplă uneori, dacă se mai [...]

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Back to the old playground

Years ago, during my studies in Cluj-Napoca, I chose to attend a two days local climbing camp. I can't really remember what exactly drove me to try it, but I am sure I was as [...]

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